As we have already reported, on December 6, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People made a statement to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC PA), in which it called for Russia to terminate its membership in this structure.

Among other things, the appeal indicated that one of the members of the “parliamentary delegation” of Russia at the plenary session of the BSEC PA was the so-called “deputy of the state duma” from the occupied Crimea, a criminal accomplice in a number of international crimes, Mikhail Sheremet.

On December 7, during the preparation for the BSEC PA meeting, this issue was indeed raised for discussion by a number of delegations, after which the Russian “team of parliamentarians” promptly left the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly, without waiting for the obvious decision of the BSEC “on the Sheremet issue”.

After that, Russian propaganda spread the statement of “acting. head of the delegation” Olga Timofeeva that the aggressor “suspends the payment of membership fees” to the BSEC PA. Thus, after the failure of the provocation with the criminal “Crimean deputy”, the aggressor state tried to “make extreme” anyone in the current situation, but not its own criminal plans.

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