According to the aggressor’s propaganda, “officially, the reconstruction of the civilian part of the Belbek airport continues” in the occupied Sevastopol. At the same time, the criminal “contractor” predictably “overdue the contract”, which “expired” in July of this year.

The current statements, tragicomic in the current conditions, about the alleged “continuation of work” became a continuation of the scam that started after the criminal visit to Crimea of the head of the aggressor’s federal air transport agency, Alexander Neradko, in 2020, who announced that “Belbek airport will begin to receive civilian aircraft”.

In October 2021, the “Regional construction company” of the Rotenberg oligarchs, close to the Kremlin dictator, won the criminal “competition for the performance of work” for the “reconstruction and development of the civilian sector of Belbek Airport”, which spent a billion rubles on fake reconstruction in two years.

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