While the Italian government has approved the sale of the “Lukoil”’s ISAB refinery in Sicily to the “G.O.I. Energy”, subject to control over the origin of oil supplies, Sevastopol collaborators from the odious “ForPost” tried to “tell the readers about the good”, namely about the consequences of the decrease in the aggressor’s level of oil production.

Now it is customary for the aggressor to look “optimistically” at this deal, because it will increase the price of oil. However, even “Sevastopol experts” are forced to state that “in a number of mining regions” the aggressor “has already announced a reduction in electricity consumption since the spring, and this indirectly indicates a decrease in production”.

They are forced to admit that “it is difficult to expect economic growth in Russia, which is critically dependent on the export of energy carriers and its fuel and energy complex”, and also that the ‘reduction in production” by the aggressor “does not lead to an immediate change in the level of world oil prices”.

However, when trying to talk about the “bottomless Chinese market” where competitors are actually breathing down the aggressor’s back, even propagandists from the occupiers are forced to declare that “throughput on the border with China is still weak”.

In fact, the “experts” from “ForPost” have only one criminal version of Russia’s exit from the oil crisis, namely aggressor “would simply win: against Ukraine. However, the “experts” themselves clearly do not believe in such a delusional “perspective”, and for them it is now much more realistic to urgently find a new oil well right next to the monument to the lost ships.

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