On July 24, even the aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol media resources” could not “digest” the “epoch-making news” about the “results of a staff meeting” with the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, who personally “instructed to immediately remove the tree that had fallen in April last year on the bridge across the Belbek River”.

On this occasion, they write sarcastically on social networks with such a development of events by the criminal “administration” “next Monday, a strategy will be considered and a number of instructions will be given on how to remove a cat from remained tree in the neighborhood”.

But such a deliberately petty “demonstration of vigorous activity” at the “economy” of Razvozhaev clearly arose for a reason, because against this background of feigned “humor” the criminal administration is turning billions of scams.

And we are talking not only about the long-suffering “Inkerman Winery” in favor of the Kovalchuks’ clan, but also, for example, about the demolition of the “hostels of the Sevastopol state university”, on the “repair” of which has not yet begun, almost six billion rubles have already “evaporated”.

However, here the element of humor is different, since the money for the “repair of dormitories” was laundered by the Razvozhaev clan through the Mordovian colony under the guise of “Construction and Installation Directorate No. 13” and this “repair” “according to the project” was supposed to be done by prisoners who now found themselves, in contrast to the mentioned billions, in a completely different place now.

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