In recent days, social networks have suddenly begun to heatedly discuss fake “medals” that, on the occasion of the approaching tenth anniversary of the occupation, were “established” by the criminal occupiers’ “state council”. However, this “news” about the trinket with the image of the “Crimean Bridge” is actually almost two months old, since the occupiers carried out all the criminal “procedures” for this “republican award” in early December.

Most likely, the sudden interest is associated with the “late awakening” Sevastopol “governor” Razvozhaev, who announced a similar “medal”, but “for his own sons of bitches” on January 16, and hastily organized the write-off of a couple of million for a “sketching competition”. At the same time, “to spite” his “best friends” from Simferopol, Razvozhaev in his “decree” recalled that a “regional medal” cannot contain “federal” symbols, “boldly” hinting that on the “Crimean medal” from the “state council” there is a Russian tricolor on the “award ribbon”.

Something else is noteworthy here – namely, the widely advertised opportunity on the Internet for collaborators and occupiers “on the eve of the anniversary” to inexpensively purchase the corresponding “medals” not from Konstantinov or Razvozhaev, albeit with a “slightly different design”, but “in good metal”, from such a “monster of trinkets” as the “Chelznak” company, also known as the “Chelyabinsk award products’ plant”. For the presentation of a “Crimean anniversary medal for the tenth anniversary” with a “certificate”, anyone who wants it is asked for 590 rubles, and they offer to give a couple of hundred more “for engraving the number and inscription.” However, even such specific products “at a discount” are clearly not in wide demand in the current realities.

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