According to the occupiers-controlled “media”, on July 12, in the occupied Feodosia, next to the house where the “blogger” Alexander Talipov, controlled by the aggressor’s special services, lives, a scooter exploded, and this figure immediately began to declare that allegedly “the moped was with striking elements” and that allegedly this is an “assassination attempt”.

Talipov’s criminal activities in providing information services to the punishers of the aggressor, hate speech, propaganda of war crimes, genocide and racial discrimination, have been repeatedly described by us, including informing the relevant EU authorities.

However, we also described Talipov’s open conflict with the terrorist Yehor Huzenko regarding the “theft of aid” to the aggressor’s soldiers, as well as the attempts of this figure to support a number of groups in the struggle of clans of collaborators for the criminal chairs of the “heads of administrations” of Feodosia and Koktebel.

At the same time, the criminal “colleague” of Talipov, Alexander Gorny, who was also involved in the “Koktebel struggle”, recently announced threats against him from “competitors”.
Earlier, before the large-scale aggression, the media-servants of the criminal Aksenov in the person of Oleg Kryuchkov “worked out” by organizing a “drain” of unsightly episodes of the “private life” of the Feodosia kolobok Talipov.

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