The previously described “revolt on the knees” of the criminal “head of administration” of occupied Yevpatoria, Elena Demidova, who clearly sabotaged the announcement of her “resignation for family reasons” from the equally criminal Sergei Aksyonov, even after sending him to the former children’s health resort to “conquer the shrew” with a fake “premiere” by Yuri Gotsanyuk, was further developed. On February 28, Aksyonov personally arrived in Yevpatoria, where he announced a new “acting head of the city administration” in the form of collaborator Ivan Prosoedov, who was Demidova’s “first deputy”.

Prosoedov, who before the occupation built a career in the Chornomorske District State Administration, then served the invaders and was transferred by them to Yevpatoria, is an obvious “no alternative temporary worker” since the situation with Demidova was clearly urgent, and Aksyonov clearly had no time to look for a “replacement” for her.All this was combined with Aksyonov’s selfie tour of the ruins near Lake Moinaki, where, under the guise of a “federal children’s rehabilitation center,” they are building “elite housing” for Russian colonialists, and “on instructions from the President of Russia”. We have described this scam many times; the occupiers promise to completely destroy Moinak Park this year.

Aksyonov, in his “garbage style” that is boring to fake “officials”, demanded “the end of sanitary cleaning of Yevpatoria”; as is known, the criminal “head of Crimea” traditionally names “problems with garbage” as the formal reason for the constant “personnel leapfrog”, no matter how ambiguous it may sound in his case.

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