We have previously repeatedly reported that the occupiers cannot “put into operation” two ferries, “Admiral Lazarev” and “Admiral Istomin”, which previously transported passengers and vehicles from the city center to the North side through the Sevastopol Bay.

These two “veterans” of local transportation were already allegedly “repaired” by the occupiers in 2022, with propaganda statements about alleged “import substitution” and “bypassing sanctions”, after which a number of navigation incidents occurred that the aggressor tried to attribute to the “human factor”.

As the occupiers-controlled “press” is forced to admit now, “soon one of the ferries left the race, and the second leaves the line almost daily for maintenance work.”

Now the criminal “administration” in the face of the fake “department of transport” has stated a simply amazing “reason” for the frequent suspension of ferries, namely “a large amount of garbage in the Artillery Bay”.

As the occupiers stated, “the suspension of the ferry operation is often caused by the ingress of debris and foreign objects into the ship’s filters. Cleaning the filters takes an average of one hour”.

However, the design of these ferries allows you to quite calmly deal with floating debris, and the indicated “explanations” either indicate that in the Sevastopol bays you can literally “walk on water” from rubbish, or that the ferries have been brought into final disrepair.

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