As you can learn from social networks and from the occupiers-controlled “media”, on May 12, in the captured Sevastopol, the Russian invaders tried to organize a “celebration of the day of the nurse”, but it turned out a little “not according to plan”.

Among those involved in the “awarding and honoring” was the “Sevastopol nurse Galina Arkhipova”, who was sent by her criminal “leadership” to Rubizhne town, Luhansk Region, where heavy fighting took place in the spring of 2022 – a peaceful city was stormed for a long time by the Russian aggressor’s structures.

Now Arkhipova began to talk about the town destroyed by the hostilities, where “there was not a single doctor left in the local polyclinic”, and “the children’s polyclinic … was destroyed”, thereby innocently confirming the war crimes committed by the Russian invaders – the destruction of hospitals and the murder of medical personnel.

Arkhipova also admitted that her work in Sevastopol now, in the conditions of the “big war”, “has become morally more difficult due to the increased general tension”, and that “difficulties of a spiritual nature … even suppress physical fatigue”.

Obviously, after seeing the atrocities of the Russian invaders in the Luhansk Region, the Sevastopol doctors are well aware that the Russian soldiers will not feel any sentiment towards them a similar situation.

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