The situation with the “detention” by the aggressors of the “key” collaborator for the occupied Kherson region, Ekaterina Gubareva, began to acquire new tragicomic details, more and more connected with the Crimea aggressor-seized.

Recall that Gubareva, known for many years of cooperation with the Russian special services, the wife of the “star of the Russian world” Pavel Gubarev was sent by the aggressor to occupied Kherson in June 2022 to criminally “develop” the aggressor-controlled “Internet and mobile communications”.

After the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian Army and the “death in a traffic accident” of another longtime protégé of the Russian special services, Kirill Stremousov, Pavel Gubarev announced the “disappearance of his wife” in the occupied “metropolitan” Henichesk, where the invaders had recently taken their “Kherson talking heads”; according to him, Gubareva was last seen entering the local criminal occupiers’ “administration”.

Shortly thereafter, the Kremlin propaganda, referring allegedly to “genius fugitives”, announced the alleged “arrest” of Gubareva by the invaders’ punishers “for economic crimes”, with a special emphasis on the fact that this collaborator allegedly “removed from her duties” and “left the Kherson region” .

It is noteworthy that before the “arrest”, Gubareva’s husband, positioning himself as a “trench truth-seeker” of the Russian invaders, announced a certain “link” in the occupied areas of the Kherson region of the aggressor and ethnic crime by the special services.

Well, after the “arrest”, the same Gubarev said that Ekaterina would “be released soon”, but at the same time he was “forced to keep the secrecy of the investigation”, adding that Gubareva, it turns out, “was shell-shocked” as a result of a certain “arrival” and even “was treated” .

Note that in fact we are talking about money laundering, which the Russian invaders staged in the occupied part of the Kherson region by establishing illegal systems of “banking services”, using Internet traffic of illegal “Crimean providers” and cards of illegal “mobile operators”.

We previously wrote about the use by the aggressor in the occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions since May 2022 of the illegal “Crimean” operator “Miranda Media”, which “acted under cover”, exploiting the seized equipment as a kind of “anonymous operator”, later called as “Mir telecom”.

Our Association informed the International Telecommunication Union and the UN Human Rights Council about the relevant aggressor’s criminal machinations. It should be noted that “Miranda-media”, as well as “Krymtelecom”, are puppet “Crimean” structures controlled at least “in technical matters” by the Russian “Rostelecom”, while formally the “owner of Miranda’s shares” is a certain “Shipping company Luxtrans”.

“Krymtelecom” is under the commercial control of the “Infrastructure Projects Management Company”, formerly owned by the former Russian head of the missile forces and artillery, Vladimir Zaritsky, and then passed under the control of Boris Rotenberg and Yevgeny Roitman.

In November 2022, in parallel with the “genius adventures” of Gubareva, whose tasks included the criminal “ensuring of Russian mobile communications”, both “Miranda Media” and “Krymtelecom” were headed by the same person – Ivan Zima, a key functionary of “Rostelecom”. Thus, the aggressor seeks to strengthen control over money laundering through the “Crimean” operators, and to remove collaborators who “want too much” or “tell too much” from this criminal game.

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