Earlier, it was indicated on social networks that within the framework of scams with land plots for criminal “veterans” of Russian aggression, “almost half of the plots were held back at the planning stage”. Our Association also covered the machinations of the aggressor with these sites near the village of Polyushko to the north of Sevastopol, as well as in the Saki District.

Now the Russian occupiers have predictably announced “the expansion of the list of beneficiaries” and stated that “land can be obtained” by such “veterans” as “command of military units”, “heads of territorial bodies” of the aggressor’s punishers, “command of volunteer formations”, that is, all kinds of terrorist “Cossacks”, “battalions” and so on.

It is monotonous to assume that this category of persons will really get the illegal “plots by the sea” and, as they are ironic about this in social networks, “the next step will be to classify the data on applicants for preferential plots”.

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