As it war previously reported on social networks, in the aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol media” “Hubernskiye Vesti” (“Provincial News”), which is associated with the criminal “deputy of the legislative assembly”, the major of the aggressor’s armed structures and the “multi-machine businessman” Alexei Klimov, back in February last year, they stopped “paying wages” to a number of Sevastopol propagandists hired six months earlier.

All sorts of “demands for the payment of debts” were predictably ignored both by the beneficiary of “Vesti” and their publisher, a “company” with an almost maniacal name “Russian Crimea”. Now, apparently, it was the “offended” propagandists who, within the framework of “insidious revenge”, recently made a “hacker strike” by posting the inscription “Ya tvoi mama eb…l” (“I f..cked Your mother”) on the “Vesti” website.

As Sevastopol residents comment on social networks, the “piquancy of the situation” also lies in the facto, that the beneficiary wrote down the “Vesti”, through “laying companies”, as well as part of his other business, to his mother, Natalya Klimova from Kaluga.

In this situation, the “new site administrator” thought of stating that the appearance of the “Ya tvoi mama eb..l” section on the “fresh issue” page is due to “… an oversight in creating and testing links by the replaced development team”, however, these “explanations” evoke the same sarcasm among the occupied city’s population as the rest of the “Vesti” content.

At the same time, the “offended” propagandists, in addition to the “greetings” of Klimov’s mother, also involved their curators from the aggressor’s special services, blackmailing competitors with a “criminal case for non-payment”.

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