On January 12, the publication of the aggressor’s media “Kommersant” spread an “insider” about the December written appeal of the former Minister of defense of Ukraine, a traitor to the motherland and an active Sevastopol collaborator Pavlo Lebedev in the role of a fake “Vice President of the Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs” to the aggressor’s Prime minister Mishustin, as well as to the Russia’s Ministry of transport and to the Russian Railways.

The meaning of this appeal was in the requirement of criminal assistance “in the allocation of wagons for the export… of grain and oilseeds from the Crimea to the port of Novorossiysk, as well as for processing at oil plants” of this stolen production on the territory of Russia itself.

At the same time, Lebedev’s main “argument” is that with the current “minor problems” on the criminal “Crimean Bridge”, the illegal “delivery of agricultural products” from the occupied Crimea to Russia has “complicated”, since the “Kerch crossing is primarily used for … perishable goods”, and the criminal “land corridor” – for military purposes.

It is interesting that the collaborator points to the absence in the occupied Crimea “capacities for processing oilseeds” and the alleged “unreasonable fall” of the criminal “purchase prices for wheat” in the ports of the occupied Crimea “up to 11 thousand rubles per ton”, while in Novorossiysk the prices are about 14 thousand rubles per ton.

It is obvious that it is precisely this difference, as well as the total corruption and greed of the occupier-controlled “Crimean railway workers”, with whom Lebedev is now forced to carry out joint criminal scams on the “rent of wagons” for the illegal transportation of grain, became together the real grounds for his “tearful letter”.

Earlier we wrote that Crimean residents referred in social networks to “railway corruption”, but already in the field of criminal “rent of tanks for oil products”, discussing the recent “fuel crisis” in the Crimea. Also, immediately after the “pops” on the “Crimean Bridge”, some “businessmen” reported a “sharp increase” in illegal “railway tariffs” for criminal transportation from Russia to the occupied Crimea.

The disclosure of Lebedev’s letter to Mishustin in “Kommersant” is also far from accidental, because with a chronic shortage of grain wagons in the Russian-controlled territory, it is obvious that the more wagons the Kremlin allocates for criminal “Crimean transportation”, the less of them will be left for Russian business itself, which concerned about such “initiatives” in the sieve of their financial interests.

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