On March 18, Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 163/2023 was published on official resources, which approved sanctions against a significant number of aggressor-controlled structures, including in the field of maritime navigation, as well as against the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and key characters of his regime, with Prime Minister Hussein Arnus.

Among other things, sanctions have been imposed against a number of Iranian enterprises, as well as against the illegal “Institute of Marine Instrumentation and Robotics”, located in the Russia-occupied Sevastopol, as well as against the illegal “Yevpatoria Aircraft Repair Plant”.

A number of these sanctions, for example, regarding the aggressor’s “Crimean” structures are continued. Let us recall that earlier dictator Assad criminally declared the “recognition” of illegal attempted annexation the territories of Ukraine, and the provocations of state-owned Syrian courts related to the occupied Crimea ruled out the possibility of treating Syria as a neutral state, as experts of our Association wrote, Associate Professor Eduard Pleshko and Professor Borys Babin.

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