As Crimean collaborator Oleg Zubkov, “the owner of the Crimean Taigan Park and the Skazka Zoo,” said on social networks on March 25, he once again “brought the animals out of the Donetsk and Mariupol zoos” to the occupied Crimea.

This time he was talking about “llamas, monkeys, red monitor lizards, moufflons, birds and dogs”, which the collaborator Zubkov, in his words, “moved under the auspices” of the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov.

Earlier, we noted that in Mariupol destroyed by Russian invaders, Zubkov takes animals out of a “private zoo” controlled by Savely Vashura for a long time. This “show with animals” becomes part of the chronic aggressor’ “exploitation” by military propaganda on the topic of “smaller brothers”, which often looks tragicomic.

Also, as we reported earlier, the Russian occupiers in their “reportings” about Zubkov’s adventures, and the collaborator himself in his “reportings from the animal world”, place a key emphasis on the alleged “omnipotence” of the criminal Sergei Aksenov, who “assises” in transportation animals along the so-called “land corridor”.

This criminal PR of Aksyonov “completely by chance” coincides with the squabbling of the invaders for the possibility of controlling cargo flows along this illegal corridor, where a deep logistical crisis has matured.

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