On June 20, the Mission of President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea published an analytical report “De-occupied Crimea: priority steps of the state”, which has been developed by the body’s experts since autumn 2022.

Mission noted that the basic steps do not include security issues, measures to resume the work of the defense sector and the law enforcement bloc.

The document is divided into ten areas, including the restoration of Ukrainian power on the peninsula, documenting the citizens of Ukraine, the resumption of justice, bringing the perpetrators to justice, restrictions on positions, reorganization of the production sector of the peninsula’s economy in accordance with modern environmental and climate standards, the author’s vision of restoring tourism in Crimea, inventory of state and communal property, humanitarian reintegration, restoration of the rights of indigenous peoples and cognitive de-occupation.

The Mission noted that in order to reintegrate the inhabitants of Crimea into the Ukrainian socio-political and cultural space, Ukraine will carry out a set of measures aimed at intensive socio-psychological work with beliefs, emotions and other humanitarian and social characteristics of the population.

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