On June 10, the Russian invaders announced the “sale” of the Inkerman winery in occupied Sevastopol for 533.5 million rubles, which, according to some sources, is “15 times cheaper than its estimated cost”.

At the same time, the “buyer” of the plant predictably became the “company” “Inkerman Fine Wine Factory”, which previously “leased the plant from the city”, this “deal” covered all the factory property allegedly “in a worn-out condition”.

Let us recall that the Inkerman winery, as well as its daughter “Kachinsky +”, were rented from the State Property Fund of Ukraine since 2009 by the Swedish company “Inkerman International AB”, which created a number of subsidiaries, but in fact the Dnipro businessman Valery Shamotiy was its beneficiary.

Under the occupation, the “Chinese private investment fund Pan Chang” received a share in “Inkerman International AB”, but Shamotiy still controlled part of the company. However, the Russian invaders were not eager to “cooperate” with these structures and the plant was “nationalized” with the active complicity of the criminal “officials” Alexander Svechnikov and Sergey Menyailo in 2015-2017.

Further, the plant was “leased” to the specified structure “Inkerman Fine Wine Factory”, allegedly owned by “winemaker Valery Zakharyin”, but the “Russian media” themselves reported that “Inkerman” was managed by the company “My wine”, associated with Putin’s oligarchs Yuri Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko.

Zakharyin and his company “Optima” were most likely used by Kovalchuk as a pad, since it was they who “acquired” the aforementioned “Inkerman International AB”, registered in Sweden, which Kovalchuk’s structures could not do directly due to sanctions.

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