Some days ago, the occupiers’ propaganda sat down in a “milk puddle”, deciding to boast about the increase in production of relevant products in the occupied Crimea while acknowledging the reduction in the number of cattle, which led the population to a fairly logical conclusion about the increase in the share of “substitutes and fillers” in an assortment that was not pleasing to the consumer earlier. Now the “Crimean media” from the aggressor have come up with a “logical explanation” for this: supposedly milk is brought to the Crimea from the occupied areas of the Kherson region, despite the fact that the enterprises of the peninsula controlled by the aggressor “the production capacity for processing raw milk totals 330.4 thousand tons per year “But at the same time, in 2022 they allegedly “processed 141,631.3 tons of raw milk.”

As an “alibi”, propaganda cites statements by the beneficiary of “Yug Moloko” (“South-Milk”) from Razdolne collaborator Roman Kupradze, who before the occupation traded vegetables in the Bakhchisarai area, that “farms in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions” allegedly “didn’t know what to do with the milk: they dumped it into the sewer,” but at the same time Kupradze adds “when leaving, people slaughtered their livestock, two or three farms remained”, thereby recognizing the “special love” of the population for the occupiers.

However, it is obvious that the declared “thousand tons” per month is, to put it mildly, insufficient for the “growth of the Crimean dairy sector”; and when talking about “Kherson milk in the sewer,” the collaborators prefer not to clarify the fate of the dairies and creameries in Chaplinka, Novotroitsky and Henichesk during the occupation.

It is especially worth noting that it is not by chance that the aggressor Kupradze was mentioned by propaganda; Among his illegal “enterprises,” the Sevastopol “Azbuka Turizma” was noted, which “supplied food” to the “Artek” controlled by the occupiers in “four government contracts” in the amount of 1.6 million rubles. Let us recall that until recently, food supplies to “Artek” were controlled by the structures of the “putschist” Yevgeny Prigozhin, which we have written about several times, and therefore a “random person” would not supply “dairy products” there.

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