In recent months, a new trend of “political activity” of collaborator groups has emerged in the occupied Crimea, manifested in the attempts of various individuals linked to various clans of the Kremlin to “form veteran structures” from those who criminally participated in large-scale Russian aggression.

This trend is due to the understanding by the collaborators of the simple fact that under the current conditions, hiding behind disguised “Cossacks”, “people’s militias” of the 2014 model and similar outcasts in all sorts of ‘personnel”, “budget” and simply property scams “does not work”, because the corresponding “exchange rate” of this extras from 2022 “has fallen sharply”.

At the same time, the physical absence in the occupied Crimea of precisely the mass of criminal “veterans” of the current aggression, since they are released from the front mostly already chilled or in a “semi-disassembled” form, does not particularly bother anyone, and the collaborators act on the principle “there would be the authorities, and veterans under he will be found”.

In this criminal format, “network structures” formed by the aggressor and apparently coordinated by his special services, such as the criminal “All-Russian Union of Special Military Operation Veterans”, actively promoted by “bloggers and volunteers” from black transplantology Valeria Petrusevich, entered the peninsula.

The criminal “combat brotherhood” has also become more active, which is promoted in the occupied Sevastopol by the fake “deputy of the assembly” Vasily Zubenko. This character is notable not so much for his service in the General Staff of the aggressor and his current role as a propagandist for the “middle hand” invaders, but for his connections with the “Moscow Oblast clan” of Boris Gromov, who “had his eye” on a number of “appetizing objects” of the seaside real estate of Sevastopol.

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