As the Crimean Tatar activist Elmaz Akimova wrote on Facebook, on June 1, in the evening, the criminal occupier’s “divisional policeman” A. Akhmedov invaded her Crimean house and began to take “explanations” from her parents, allegedly in connection with some “checking the report of the crime”, not hiding that he is “looking for” Akimova.

Russian invaders have long been pursuing Akimova, who in 2018 in Bakhchisarai held a solo picket near the historical and cultural complex “Khan’s Palace” with a poster “hands off the Khan’s Palace”. Then two provocateurs tore up the poster, and the girl was taken to the criminal “police”.

In June 2021, Akimova covered the facts of handing “warnings” to the Crimean Tatars by the occupiers’ punishers on the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag, which is celebrated in Ukraine and in the world on June 26.

Further, the criminal “police” invaded the Akimovs’ house to “hold a conversation” with Elmaz, and in December 2022, a punisher from the illegal “center for countering extremism” came to the Crimean house of Elmaz, allegedly to “check the place of residence of some people”.

Two weeks ago, on May 16, the criminal “Prosecutor’s office of the Simferopol district” handed Akimova a “warning about the inadmissibility of breaking the law at a possible rally or picket”, which was openly associated with the 78th anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar People from the Crimea. It is reported that the girl is now outside the occupied peninsula.

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