As ARC previously wrote, on December 26, a brawl took place in occupied Simferopol with the participation of the criminal “representative of Ramzan Kadyrov in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions”, Hasan Ibragimov, who calls himself as “Kadyrov’s nephew”, the criminal “deputy commander” of the ““Akhmat” detachment”, as well as of his henchmen.

In the video that appeared later, this war criminal kicks by legs on the head of a visitor, who was lying on the floor of the cafe, clearly trying to kill him; that visitor before tried to stand up for the girl who was publicly and loosely harassed by the “Akhmat” “boss” Ibragimov. As it was already mentioned, in the brawl he started, Ibragimov beat not only the restaurant’s visitors, but also illegal “policemen” who “came within reach”, which is why the incident, in fact, was not “closed” in a flash at all.

Then the so-called “Chechen minister” for “various issues” Akhmed Dudayev predictably declared that “the domestic incident was settled on the spot” and that “no one was detained”. As it was ironically pointed about this in social networks, most likely now we should wait for a “public apology” from the illegal “policemen” who allowed themselves to prevent Ibragimov from kicking them.

As it turned out now, this irony is not far from the truth. On January 3, Ramzan Kadyrov himself stated that he had criminally sent a “large shipment of gifts to the medical and sanitary department” of the occupiers’ criminal “Ministry of internal affairs” in Simferopol through the fake “regional public fund”, where actually the punishers, beaten by Ibragimov are being held.

Such a public handout of the Chechen hautleiter for a cynically and frankly “closed case” was obviously intended to emphasize the “higher role” of his henchmen in the criminal aggressor’s “hierarchy” and at the same time to further humiliate the Simferopol collaborators, who were now forced to literally rob on camera, “thanking Ramzan Akhmatovych” for “generosity and care”.

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