According to aggressor-controlled “media”, in occupied Crimea they placed another batch of deported children from the occupied mainland, allegedly 52 children, at the seized facilities of the National Paralympic Center of Ukraine. Let us recall, that we previously wrote about the collaborators’ scams with the Center’s facilities, which the aggressor uses under the guise of the “Evolution” structure, and about the corresponding unanswered questions to the Kyiv leadership of the Center.

Now the main criminal PR at this event of the occupiers in Zaozerne, associated with the criminal indoctrination of children and their processing “according to the standards of the Russian world”, is attributed by the “Crimean media” to the deputy chairman of the State Duma of the aggressor, Anna Kuznetsova. The aggressor’s propaganda “particularly notes” that the funds for this show, namely a billion rubles, were actually “collected” by the Russian government through the Moscow Arbitration Court from the Google company following a claim by the “Duma TV” television company.

This case in 2022 was related to the fact that “Google” blocked the Youtube channel of “Duma TV”, and the fact that Youtube itself was banned by the aggressor naturally did not discourage the Moscow judges. Now the aggressor has clearly decided to “link” Google, which allegedly “paid a billion by court decision,” with the latest processes of criminal deportation of Ukrainian children.

On this occasion, the Kremlin even decided to “ease the sanctions” on Sergei Aksyonov, graciously allowing him photo sessions with the same Kuznetsova and other “distinguished guests” in Simferopol, as well as “returning” him to those published now, regarding the decade of occupation, to “menologium” of the daily “chronology” of the criminal “Crimean spring”.

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