On May 23, the aggressor’s propaganda spread “top news” about an illegal visit to the equally illegal “Sevastopol state university” by Scott Ritter, once an American soldier, and later a full-time “talking head” of the Russian special services.

The occupiers stated that Ritter “at a meeting with students and teachers” pointed out that allegedly “if Ukraine attacks Crimea, they will pay a lot for it.” It is worth recalling that Ritter, who retired from the US Army in 1998, was previously known for spreading conspiracy theories regarding the Gulf War.

Since 2022, Ritter has been noted for the massive spread of obvious fakes about Russian aggression in Ukraine, including statements about Bucha, and American weapons systems officially declared by the United States to be transferred to Ukraine. In this role, he became the constant “talking head” of the aggressor’s television broadcasts.

However, Ritter also had a more intense episode of his biography, when in June 2001 the US authorities charged him with trying to arrange a meeting with an underage girl who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Then Ritter got off with a six-month probation, but in November 2009 he was arrested for frank sexual communication in an Internet chat with a police bait posing as a fifteen-year-old girl.
In April 2011, Ritter was found guilty on all counts by a Monroe County, Pennsylvania court and was sent to prison for five and a half years. However, Ritter was further released on parole in September 2014.

Let us recall that earlier, in 2021, our Association wrote that illegal visits to the occupied Crimea by fake “people’s diplomats” like Ritter were partially carried out, at the expense of an ethnic criminal group from Yalta, specializing in child prostitution and pornography.

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