Despite all the absurdity of the invaders’ propaganda statements about this year’s “holiday season” in the occupied Crimea, they are not going to “depart from the training manual”, sinking deeper and deeper into a parallel reality.

Thus, the criminal “chairman of the state council committee” Oksana Sergienko stated that allegedly in the first five months of 2023 in the Crimea “the flow of tourists amounted to about 1.2 million people”, and “in total, up to 4.5 million tourists are expected in Crimea in 2023”, acknowledging only a supposed “15% reduction” from 2022.

The fact that the other day Sergienko’s “colleague”, the criminal “State duma deputy” Tatyana Lobach from Sevastopol said that “tourist flow and load on the peninsula fell by 30-50%”, Simferopol utopians are not embarrassed, just like the fact that “for some reason” “almost all accommodation facilities use a significant price reduction to attract tourists – up to 30-40% compared to last summer”, probably purely from “philanthropic motives”.

However, the source of the “million statistics”, however, is very simple and we have repeatedly figured it out – the occupiers write down as “tourists” everyone who crosses the illegal “Crimean Bridge”, while the Russian invaders themselves in the “Kerch media” admit that “congestion on the bridge” is now arising in Friday and Sunday, that is, they are associated with the mass departure of Russian colonizers and “officials” from the peninsula for the weekend.

Trying to “soften the idiocy” of peppy promises that “everything will be changed” by the so-called “high season” in July-August, the criminal “minister of resorts and tourism” Vadim Volchenko said that “Russian tourists” this year “will be drawn to the sea rather impromptu” thus, in fact, offering the Crimean collaborators to hope for some kind of “miracle”.

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