On May 24, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov announced that the occupiers would “nationalize” the building of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people in Simferopol, as well as Elena Zelenskaya’s apartment in Yalta.

If over the past three years Crimean collaborators have spread so many fakes and manipulations regarding the Yalta apartment that the situation has already become tragicomic, then provocations have been going on with the Mejlis building since 2014.

Even before the illegal “ban” of the Mejlis, in September 2014, the illegal “Tsentralny district court of Simferopol” placed an “arrest” on the building and it was “sealed”. It was further stated that in 2015 the occupiers’ “court” “decided to withdraw” the building on the criminal “claim of the state committee for protection of cultural heritage”, as it was stated by collaborator Vyacheslav Zarubin.

At the same time, in 2020, the criminal “Chairman of the state committee for interethnic relations” Albert Kangiev stated that the “nationalization of the building”, where the Mejlis was located before the criminal “ban” from the occupiers, “is not yet possible”, referring to some “international legal relations with the owners this building”.

Let us recall that the said house is in fact owned by the charitable organization “Crimea Foundation”, which since 2014 has begun proceedings against the aggressor in international institutions in connection with the seizure of the building by Russian occupiers.

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