Earlier, we repeatedly wrote about the destruction by the Russian invaders of the Moinaki park and the lake in occupied Yevpatoria, under the pretext of building some kind of fake “modern medical and health center” on the site of the mud baths, demolished by the Russian invaders, and the “Batkivshchina” children’s sanatorium criminally seized by them.

This illegal “project” under the patronage of the criminal speaker of the aggressor’s Senate Valentina Matvienko was announced in 2021, and the active illegal cutting of the park took place already in the conditions of large-scale Russian aggression.

And since January 24 of the new year, “completely by chance” many occupiers-controlled “publications” placed “advertising for the sale of apartments of the first stage of construction” of a certain illegal “resort and recreation complex” “Moinaco Riviera”, which arose “only 14 months after the decision to develop territory near Lake Moinaki in Yevpatoria”.

The advertisement states that this criminal “investment project” covered “35 billion rubles”, which approximately coincides with the previously announced amounts for a fictitious “health and recreation center”.

The “Simferopol development company”, illegally “registered” by the occupiers in 2020, was declared as a “layer” of this criminal project, one of the criminal “founders” and a fictitious “director” of which was a certain Timur Vlasenko.

This same Vlasenko is one of the criminal “founders” of a bunch of illegal “firms”, of which the so-called “Tavricheskaya development company” illegally “registered” by the occupiers in 2022 is noteworthy, announcing the construction of a “residential complex in the Bakhchisaray district near Cape Scythian”.

The “firm” is notable for its other criminal “founder”, which was Dmitry Polonsky, the old “comrade-in-arms” of the criminal Aksyonov, collaborator and former criminal “Minister for information and mass communications” and “Deputy chairman of the council of ministers” of the occupiers.

Thus, the involvement of this criminal group of Crimean collaborators in the destruction of the Yevpatoria Moynaki is obvious.

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