As “Ria-Melitopol” reports, on May 15, after a number of provocations by members of the “Tyson” common criminal group in Zaporizhzha were suppressed, the National Police authorities worked out the relevant elements and detained them.

At the same time, journalists claim that the family of the leader of this criminal group, rooted in gangsterism twenty years ago, Igor Suvorov, nicknamed “Tyson”, is now in the occupied Crimea and is controlled by Russian special services.

It should be noted that Suvorov was detained in 2017 by the police, since he was wanted for a criminal case in 2007, but he was released by the court, and a certain “public association” “Sila v Ukraine” (“Strength in Ukraine”) was also registered to him.

Let us recall that earlier we have repeatedly written about the attempts of Crimean collaborators, including the clan of the criminal Sergey Aksyonov, to establish illegal transportation of goods, as well as drugs, in particular of Syrian origin, across the contact line in the Zaporizhzhya region.

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