In recent days, aggressor controlled “Crimean media”, such as the infamous “ForPost”, have begun an active discussion of the prospects for some kind of “protection of Crimea from missile strikes,” which somewhat contrasts with the previous long “stream of consciousness” of the Kremlin’s propaganda about supposedly “the best air defense in the world” on occupied peninsula.

In this vein, the same “ForPost” began to disseminate the position of the leadership of the “public” organization of the aggressor “officers of Russia”, in particular Timur Syrtlanov, who criminally proposes to “intensify” sabotage activities in the Ukrainian rear, as well as “use tactical nuclear weapons”.

However, it is obvious that no saboteur will stop a missile in the air, and the “nuclear talks” have been going on with the aggressor for more than a year and have acquired a good “beard”.

Characteristically, criminally supporting his colleague from the “officers of Russia”, colonel Yuri Sytnik, he is sad that “the Black Sea Fleet is now actually unable to leave the bay” and “there is a feeling that the weapons are not fully deployed”.

But, adds Sytnyk, “if this is not possible, then we need to stop all this, sit down at the negotiating table and agree on those territories that we have already conquered”. It is obvious that such criminal “proposals for negotiations on the territories” from the aggressor were also put forward by persons with higher ranks than Sytnyk, and it is also obvious that in this format the occupiers can only “negotiate” with themselves.

In the meantime, the aggressor is busy with such a “topical issue” mainly “in theory”, the Crimean residents from among the traitors to the motherland are already experiencing it in practice.

For example, regarding Yevgeny Len’, a resident of Saki, a “contractor” of the army of Russian invaders who was recently killed, they write on social networks that “just a few days ago he was in Saki on leave”, “after which he returned to the combat zone, where he died” on an incendiary meeting with a certain “Haymars”.

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