Some days ago, aggressor-controlled propaganda the spread a new stream of consciousness from the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, this time regarding the “defense of Orthodoxy”.

His “eschatological catharsis” has notable, of course, not the statements that the Patriarchate of Constantinople is supposedly “American agents”, and not that the Ukrainian authorities, in parallel with the national Orthodox Church, are allegedly “promoting the LGBT agenda”.

The interlocutors of the newly minted “fighter against Satanism” Konstantinov were more interesting, in the role of which were both Archpriest Igor Pigarev from Ryazan, who has recently been actively involved in criminal assistance to the aggressor’s army, and Bishop Gideon, Yuri Kharon, who for a long time was a confidant of the Kiev Metropolitan Onufry.

Gideon at one time was marked by scandals with an attempt to build a temple of the Moscow Patriarchate on the foundations of the ancient Church of the Tithes, initiation of lawsuits against the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as well as a trip to the US Congress with statements about alleged violations of the rights of believers of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, transferred them to Trump’s protégé Michael Pompeo.

These provocations led to the deportation in 2019 of Gideon, deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. Further, on March 20 of this year, the Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine “satisfied the petition of Bishop Gideon and sent him to rest, … releasing him from the post of vicar in the Tithes Monastery” and now Yuri Kharon will obviously have much more time to commit provocations against freedom of conscience.

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