On February 3, 2021, the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center hosted a press conference “Modern Challengesof Collaborators’ Assessment and Sanctions Policy”. At this event, the Methodology for assessing thefeasibility of imposing personal sanctions on persons, cooperating with the occupation “administration”of Crimea was presented.

The specificity of the new Methodic is to calculate the feasibility of imposing sanctions on a particularperson in points, according to established criteria. These include citizenship, legality of stay in theCrimea, special obligations to Ukraine and their termination, status in the system of occupation“powers” and attitude to its tasks, the negative consequences of cooperation with the occupiers, theduration of such cooperation, the assessment of person’s activities by the occupiers.

Reduction of the amount of points for a particular person is possible under the conditions of positiveneeds of its cooperation with the occupiers (doctors, firefighters, etc.), taking into account thegrounds for termination of cooperation and other objective factors. Professor Borys Babin, co-authorof the Methodic and expert of the “Association of Reintegration of Crimea”, took part in thepresentation. The Methodic has already been sent to the authorized authorities of Ukraine, and theways of its application will be worked out with foreign partners and international organizations.

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