While the occupiers-controlled “Sevastopol media” are forced to admit devastation on the beaches “Omega”, “Sand” and “Khrustalny”, as well as on Cape Fiolent, where the stairs crumble in the rocks, the aggressor’s propaganda as a whole faced the “problem” of describing marine infections after the Russian occupiers’ explosion of the Kakhovka HPP.

On the one hand, the occupiers are regularly working out the training manuals, savoring in every possible way a certain “mass outbreak of infections in Odessa” unknown to specialists, but on the other hand, the same aggressor’s “talking heads” declare that “everything is in order in Crimea”, and that the occupied peninsula “ is protected by the Kinburn Spit and Cape Ochakovsky from descending the course of possible pollution”.

In fact, the sea currents of the Black Sea are well known – after the Danube and the sea waters of Romania, a significant part of the “Kakhovka trace” will come precisely to the shores of the Western Crimea. On this occasion, the Russian occupiers say that “it is also not worth fearing the arrival of cholera in Crimea” because “all patients who have similar symptoms are carefully examined”.

However, there are already quite a lot of people with “similar symptoms” in the occupied Sevastopol every summer, with its lack of treatment facilities. But in 2023, the invaders will be able to “breathe a bit” for another, prosaic reason – there are practically no “Russian tourists” on the coast of Western Crimea now.

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