As the criminal “deputy general director” of aggressor-controlled “Chornomorneftegaz”, recently stated, in the first quarter of 2023, this illegal structure “has lost 1.181 billion rubles”.

At the same time, it is indicated that “production has decreased by 70 times”, but at the same time that “offshore production”, which has been discontinued since the summer of 2022 due to the consequences of Russian maritime aggression, “was 90% for us”.

Thus, the illegal “Chornomorneftegaz” has reduced production on land as well, and “by the end of the year … it may run into a budget deficit of up to five billion rubles”.

As Oleg Grin’ complained to the invaders’ criminal “committee on construction, transport and the fuel and energy complex of the State Council”, although “the main source of income for the enterprise is oil production”, the structure “has become a gas transportation organization that transports a resource previously purchased on the stock exchange”.

At the same time, the criminal “leader” said that for the illegal “Chernomorneftegaz” “a credit line for 2 billion rubles was opened to implement measures for the purchase of gas in order to meet the needs of consumers in a timely manner”, but at the same time “the company is forced to buy gas at 5,720 rubles per thousand cubic meters” from the structures of Gazprom, “and sells … at 3,195 rubles”.

In fact, Grin’ described to other collaborators a simple money laundering scam for Gazprom structures, but at the same time asked the criminal “state council” the “exemptions from property tax on new gas transmission system facilities” by “385 million rubles a year”.

Thus, the Russian occupiers are planning to increase illegal oil and gas production on the land part of the occupied Crimea, and, possibly, on the shelf of the Sea of Azov.

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