For the last two days, Crimean social networks have been animatedly discussing the “reprimand” from Sergei Aksyonov to the recently “appointed mayor” of Feodosia, Igor Tkachenko. The subject of the “collection” was the allegedly “negligent attitude of city officials towards the living conditions of the owners of apartment buildings” on Gabruseva Street, where allegedly “the construction of houses began in 2014, but they still do not have domestic gas.”
Even for those inexperienced in the “communal life” of Feodosia, it is clear that Tkachenko, “appointed” on December 22 last year, is clearly not the main person, involved in this long-term scam.
As we wrote earlier, he is in fact a protégé of the Tikhomirov “fuel business” clan, tightly connected to the oil depot of the Feodosia port and to the “Atan” gas station network, controlled through the “Kedr” “firm”, and Tkachenko is responsible for “covering up” completely different schemes.
It is noteworthy that the criminal “blogger” Alexander Talipov, who is far from alien to Feodosia criminal groups, has already stated regarding the “gas scandal” that “this is, of course, not the result of Tkachenko’s work”, but at the same time confidently predicted the “resignation” of the next “Feodosia mayor”.
Regarding the long-suffering houses, it is enough to point out that the money for their construction for the “resettlement of the emergency fund”, which, by the way, began not in 2014, but in 2016, was laundered through the “KRECH-15” gasket by the local swindler Roman Lukichev, who has long been at odds with the Aksyonov clan.
However, not only the local “media”, but also the “Kremlin officialdom” wrote about the sad consequences of these “constructions of the century” back in 2020. Moreover, after Aksyonov’s recent statements, the criminal “prosecutor’s office” decided to promote itself in this case by announcing a “claim” against the developer; but it immediately turned out that something similar against Lukichev had long been gathering dust in the “appeal court.”
In fact, Aksyonov’s tragicomic rush to “resign” Tkachenko may have a fairly simple explanation. After a series of “pops” and fires at oil storage facilities and oil refineries in southern Russia, the logistics of transporting fuel from there to the occupied Crimea is becoming extremely variable.
Therefore, the intermediaries of “fuel supplies” make many billions from the “thick fog of war”; accordingly, the Feodosia oil depot has sharply increased its “investment attractiveness”, and therefore the “battle of the beholders” over the long-suffering occupied city will only intensify.

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