On April 18, the invaders’ propaganda announced that illegal sales of “Moskvich” brand cars had begun in Simferopol and the illegal “Avtodel” company was declared to be a fake “official dealer” of this show.

A lot has already been said about the “high” qualities of the new “masterpiece of the Russian automobile industry”, but it is worth dwelling on the criminal intermediaries of these propaganda activities, designed, according to the intention of the Kremlin, to prove the alleged “absence of damage from sanctions” in situation, where the collapse of the Russian automobile industry itself is recognized by aggressor’s “official statistics”.

The beneficiary of the criminal “Avtodel” is the “protégé” of the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov, Mikhail Smolyanov, who also actually manages the Crimean illegal “corporation” “Avtolider-M” and “concurrently” is an illegal “deputy of the state council” of Crimea from “United Russia”, and Vladislav Tovstokor was declared the criminal “director” of his “firm”.

The ARC already wrote in 2022 about the corrupt ties of individual French politicians, the “Renault” concern, Russian and Crimean businessmen who are closely connected with the Russian special services and with the criminal occupiers’ “administration”.

We also wrote that since the beginning of the large-scale aggression, the Crimean collaborators have found a new large-scale criminal source of “deliveries” of European and American-made cars to the Crimea, namely the cars of dead or internally displaced citizens of Ukraine from the Russia-occupied mainland South.

Under such conditions, and with the participation of the Smolyanov gang, the criminal Crimean “state council” turned to the Kremlin with a request to “permit the import” of vehicles with Ukrainian numbers from mainland Ukraine to the peninsula.
Now, this marauder, who back in 2019 boasted of “deliveries of BMW of the seventh model to the Crimea”, is trying to clumsily play the role of “immunity from sanctions”, while cynically offering to buy from him the “new models” of “Moskvich” that are falling apart on the go.

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