As we wrote at the end of January 2023, the “media” controlled by the occupiers were forced to admit the collapse of the construction project in the occupied Sevastopol of two floating cranes: “Sevastopol” “PK-400” with a lifting capacity of 400 tons and “PK-700” “Grigory Prosyankin” for 700 tons.

The occupiers started this epic in 2017 and allegedly announced the “revival” of the “Sevastopol Marine Plant” (“Sevmorzavod”), controlled by the invaders, but then no further illegal “orders” were received there.

Now the same “media” are forced to state that due to the inability of “Sevmorzavod” to complete the construction of the floating crane “Grigory Prosyankin”, its “hull will be cut into three parts and transferred to Severodvinsk for completion by inland waterways”.

We also wrote that the occupiers organized the main frauds with the illegal “lease” of “Sevmorzavod” according to the scheme with the participation of the aggressor’s “United Shipbuilding Corporation”. At the same time, “interruptions in financing” and fabulously “inflated amounts of subcontracts” led to massive “layoffs of workers”.

We wrote that in April, the “Sevastopol media” began to vigorously discuss the “changes” of the fake “management” at the factories of Sevastopol, in particular, the fact that the long-suffering “Sevmorzavod” was “headed” by Oleg Flusov. As the “investigators” from the collaborators wrote, “an interesting fact is either the complete liquidation or the process of bankruptcy of all organizations that Flusov managed”.

Now the same “media” are discussing the transfer of the “unnecessary” land of “Sevmorzavod” for development, which “as it suddenly turned out” became the subject of a meeting in July between the former director of the “United Shipbuilding Corporation” Alexei Rakhmanov and the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev.

However, the recent appointment of the “chief shipbuilder” of the aggressor from VTB and Andrei Puchko, not far from Arkady Rottenberg, will probably lead to a new “storm in a teacup” regarding the “extra 27 hectares of factory land” in Inkerman and on the Korabelna Side of the occupied city.

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