We previously described the large-scale scams of Crimean collaborators related to the “health improvement of schoolchildren of the peninsula,” for which they traditionally prepare to write off several “budget” billions.
At the same time, of course, of the 190 thousand Crimean children “performed according to the papers”, the majority will be “improved” in “day camps at schools” and at “daytime thematic sites”, that is, “at their place of residence”, as a rule “in absentia” and, of course, far from the sea.
And in fact, a completely different contingent will be brought to the coastal “stationary recreation and health institutions” seized in 2014, 36 out of 52 of which the occupiers allegedly “opened for the summer” this year.
Now the collaborators have promised to bring there “at least 115 thousand children” of participants in Russian aggression, as well as “5.5 thousand children from the Orenburg region and 16 thousand from the Belgorod region.”
A simple calculation shows that there will be no one else there besides them, based on the “throughput” of these former children’s health resorts, including the vaunted “modular buildings” from the occupiers.
But even in these “paper tigers”, approximately half of the “healthy children” will, as always, become “dead souls”; however, during their “vacation” the money will no longer dissolve from the “republican and local budgets” of the peninsula, but will be used by collaborators together with the “subjects of the federation allocating funds.”
Thus, it is obvious that, in addition to the propaganda picture, the massive importation of “schoolchildren into the Crimean camps” entails quite tangible, multimillion-dollar personal profits for the key Crimean bosses, and therefore they would not cancel this “life-giving source of income” even under bombing.
That’s why you can now read in the “Crimean media” traikomic stories about helmets and bulletproof vests that are supposedly “taken to children’s camps for vacationers.”

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