Yesterday’s statements by the occupiers about “athletics” in Russia-occupied Sevastopol, which is not included in the “All-Russian federation”, clearly designed for an “external audience”, predictably caused a “stormy resonance” among all kinds of “bloggers” serving the aggressor, like Alexander Talipov, demanding “to put everyone in jail”.

Now the invaders’ propaganda is forced to “turn back” and claims that allegedly “everything is fine” through such a talking head as the criminal “executive director of the Crimean athletics federation” Artem Poleshko.

The criminal Poleshko said that “our athletes are part of the Russian national team, we receive all the necessary equipment, we receive training events, our athletes undergo sports training at the expense of the federal budget” and the only difference, in his words, is that “Crimeans just cannot choose president of the All-Russian association”.

However, Poleshko does not say that, as we have already reported, for the “cover operation” the so-called “Crimean light athletes” appear as “athletes from the Krasnodar Territory”. But even these confessions of a criminal “sports” functionary are important for debunking the myths that the aggressor is trying to sell in the International Olympic Committee.

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