Our Association has repeatedly reported on attempts by collaborators from the South of Ukraine to create paramilitary and terrorist structures for active self-PR on them by the corresponding criminal “officials”, as well as for the aggressor to carry out criminal propaganda of a “general nature”.

If in the occupied Crimea, after numerous fiascos, the semi-fantastic “Aksenovites” became this criminal structure, then in the occupied Melitopol, a collaborator with “Sevastopol interests” Yevgen Balitsky has been promoting himself for almost a year on the terrorist “Sudoplatov volunteer battalion”, which for almost a year in a row “is confidently moving to front direction”.

Regarding the Kherson collaborators, they began to voice these criminal narratives, in view of the complete “lack of personnel”, from October 2022, already in the conditions of the “gestures of goodwill” of the aggressor on the right bank of the Dnieper, announcing the criminal “volunteer battalion named after Vasily Margelov”.

It is noteworthy that in the role of the criminal “battalion commander”, the occupiers then announced Alexander Korataev, from Odessa, a native of Russia, the former deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Odessa Region, who left in August 2022 for Moldova and then “surfaced” in the still occupied Kherson next to the then still alive Kirill Stremousov.

However, on March 21, another collaborator, Vladimir Saldo, announced the “accumulation of personnel” of the terrorist “battalion”, “which is undergoing combat training”. Thus, traitors to the motherland like Saldo did not work out after “half a year of training” to publicly present some “ranks of collaborators”.

But it is possible that the Russian occupiers will criminally use, both for punitive and propaganda purposes, individual Kherson collaborators under the guise of a “battalion” to commit war crimes, hostage-taking, kidnappings and discrimination on ethnic, linguistic and religious grounds.

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