According to the invaders’ criminal “administration” in Yevpatoria, “on behalf of” the Kremlin dictator, an illegal “center for the military-patriotic education of youth” “Avangard” (“Vanguard”) will be created in the city.

It should be noted that the basic structure of the criminal “Avangard”, aimed at “conducting practical classes on the basics of military affairs”, was created by the aggressor at the militaristic “Patriot” park in the Odintsovo city, Moscow Region.

In the occupied Crimea, the illegal “Avangard” structure was still “listed” as a “subdivision” of the criminal “republican institution” “Krympatriottsentr”, “registered” in Simferopol in a residential high-rise building in the “Zalesske” district.

This fake “Avangard” is “headed” by collaborator Elena Kupina, who before the occupation was noted as the head of the budget department of the financial department of the Kirovske discrict state administration, and after 2014 she was declared by the aggressor as a fake “member of the territorial council” in the same Kirovskr (Islam-Terek).

The criminal “head of administration” Elena Demidova said that in Yevpatoriya “Avangard” would be placed on the basis of the boarding house “Gagarin” illegally seized in 2014 of the Ukraine’s Cisdnieper Railways.

Then the boarding house was illegally “included” in the “republican enterprise” “Solnechnaya Tavrika” but soon it was “transferred to communal ownership” as an illegal “municipal enterprise” “Yevpatoria-Krym-Kurort”.

In the occupation, “Gagarin” ekes out a miserable existence, mainly illegally serving “Russian tourists” on “social vouchers”.

However, such unpretentious “vacationers” wrote in 2023 that “this is not a sanatorium, it’s horror”, “they pulled names and beat the child”, “in the rooms … everything is old and shabby on the beds, curses are written”, “counselors scoff at children, the food is tasteless all day on their feet”, “the police beat with a belt”.

Thus, the invaders have already created a criminal “base” for the militarization of children in “Gagarin” with the appropriate entourage.

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