In January 2023, the Russian invaders’ propaganda returned to the issue of fake “passenger shipping” on the southern coast of Crimea.

Earlier, our Association has repeatedly reported that the port and mooring complexes of the Crimean coast, seized by the aggressor, primarily “related to the Yalta port”, have become not only the subject of constant fraud with the plundering of illegal “budget investments”, but have also come to a terrible state over the past eight years.

Back in 2017, the Russian invaders announced a fake “project for the reconstruction of 12 berths of the Yalta port”, but after the “disbursement of funds”, work did not begin. After the collapse of the pier in Miskhor in 2019, the invaders were forced to “close for mooring” most of the others.

In February 2021, the criminal “Deputy prime minister” Yevgen Kabanov, later sent by the aggressor to “places not so remote,” announced “the repair of berths for 5 billion rubles,” which also left a mark only in the pockets of a number of collaborators.

Later, in Yalta, part of berth No. 6, which had been in disrepair for several years, went to sea. Further, on October 14, 2021, the pier in the village of Nikita near Yalta collapsed, “it finally came to an end,” local residents wrote. From the Yalta berth No. 7, only a piece of a metal-concrete structure remained above the water.

Now the criminal “general director” of the illegal “unitary enterprise” “Crimean sea ports” Nikolai Zelenkevich wants “a lot of money” not only for “new berths”, but also for “new boats”.

However, in fact, it is clear that “there is no money, but you hold on” and this hype is basically a cover for the criminal “division of the enterprise’s property” planned by the occupiers and for further criminal machinations with “tasty” coastal structures and lands.

Against this background, the infamous “honorary cosmonaut”” Valery Aksyonov, father-in-law of the criminal “head of Crimea”, announced “joint solution of problems” with the Russia’s Krasnodar Territory, which allegedly requires fake “joint meetings”.

This criminal “innovative proposal” was also supported by the criminal “speaker” Konstantinov. In fact, this means that the Crimean “officials” are planning to plunder the above-mentioned Ukrainian property jointly with the Caucasian organized crime, with which they have long-standing close ties.

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