According to media reports, on March 3, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine filed a lawsuit with the High Anti-Corruption Court to recover the assets of Arkady Rotenberg and three other people, including Arkady’s son, Igor Rotenberg, in favor of the Ukrainian state.

Let us recall that the Rotenberg clan, close to Putin personally, “produced effectively” billions on the illegal construction of the “Crimean Bridge” and the “Taurida Highway”, as well as on fraud with “Artek” through the “Stroygazmontazh” company.

Among other things, in the Ukrainian government-controlled territory of the country, Arkady Rottenberg owns two-thirds of the shares of the “Ocean Plaza” shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv, as well as a number of land plots and other real estate.

At the same time, on March 3, the “Center for Investigative Journalism” (“CIJ”) published the results of an investigation into fraud with the Titan plant in Armyansk.

In particular, it was about the aggressor’s companies “Bashkir Soda Company” and “Russkyi Vodorod” (“Russian Hydrogen”), which have been connected since 2022 with the aggressor-seized enterprise, as ARC wrote earlier.

“CIJ” reports that in September 2022, the “Russian Hydrogen” company has a new founder, “FIN-Partner”, who, among other things, manages the “Ters” fund.

Since 2019, the same “Ters” was introduced as the founder of the “Infrastructure Projects Management Company”, to which the year before the criminal “administration” of Crimea illegally “transferred” three sanatoriums with huge parks on the southern coast of Crimea – exactly “Dulber” , “Miskhor” and “Ai-Petri”.

Further, Arkady Rotenberg recognized control over these sanatoriums, and thus over “Ters”.
It is obvious that it is the Rotenberg clan that also controls the “FIN-partner”, and thus, it is extremely likely that he criminally included the long-suffering “Titan” plant in his “business empire”.

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