Earlier, we wrote about long-term attacks and all kinds of “revelations of abuses” in the so-called “muftiate”, close to the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov, headed by Emirali Ablaev, which were carried out by the Crimean Tatar collaborator Eyvaz Umerov, controlled by the Russian special services.

In response to Umerov’s stories about the massive embezzlement of funds during the construction and decoration of the so-called “Cathedral Mosque”, the occupiers’ propaganda launched videos stating that “everything at the facility is supposedly going according to plan”. Umerov himself was accused of having links with the “opposition” Ruslan Balbek. However, the “team” of Emirali Ablaev decided to “play it safe” and demonstrate their maximum loyalty to the aggressor.

On January 20, in the occupiers’ propaganda, the statement of the “representative of Ablaev” Ayder Ismailov was disseminated that “there are about 10 mosques in the Crimea that are not controlled by the Muftiate” and that the “Muftiate” himself is “working on their liquidation”. How exactly Ablaev’s henchmen plan to “liquidate mosques” is not specified, but Ismailov immediately asked for “assistance from state bodies and law enforcement agencies”.

Thus, this “muftiate”, within the framework of the ongoing “storm in a glass”, decided not only to “hide behind attacks”, but also to “eliminate competitors”, taking advantage of the “coincidence”.

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