Continuing the topic of “production of marine drones” raised by the fake “governor” of Sevastopol, the propagandists of the aggressor-controlled “ForPost” media decided to hold a special broadcast in order to “show the reader” “who, when and how” will supposedly make a new Russian invaders’ “miracle weapon”.

Predictably, the aggressor turned out to be “not very good”, since it was not possible to clearly explain the real prospects for at least the design of these drones.

St.Petersburg professor Pavel Bulat, deputy head of the “Aeronet” working group, who spoke as an invited expert, bluntly admitted that only work with “borrowed concepts or already developed models of unmanned systems” could be real, since the aggressor did not carry out such work.

In the case of the start of “large-scale research and development and production work”, Bulat predicted that the result would be achieved in “4-5 years” and compared this with “mastering the production of electric vehicles at the “Moskvich” plant”. At the same time, the expert stated, all centers for the development of drones in Russia – in Izhevsk, St. Petersburg, and so on, are not only remote from the occupied Sevastopol, but also deal exclusively with aerial drones.

It is symptomatic that since no naval drone experts were predictably found in Sevastopol itself, “ForPost” called on the air in their role a certain “deputy director of the Minor Academy of Sciences” Svetlana Minaeva, who spoke about the Sevastopol “schoolchildren robotics”, as well as shipbuilding engineer Alexandra Russkikh, who bluntly said that these “technologies are unfamiliar to her” and work on drones is impossible without ready-made “technical documentation”.

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