The ongoing criminal “race on the boards” from collaborators in the criminal “glorification” of the murdered Crimean residents allows us to characterize quite exotic forms of searching for and spending cannon fodder by the aggressor.

However, regarding the murdered aggressor’s “contract soldier” from the village of Shtormove, Saki District, Igor Reznikov, only the circumstances of his death are of interest.

The “official obituary” indicates that Reznikov “served to protect administrative buildings on the territory of Ukraine” and “died last summer while performing combat missions in the village of Andreevka, Zaporizhzhya Region” Andreevka of Berdyansk District, was in the summer of 2022 in the relative rear of the Russian invaders, which means, most likely, Reznikov was killed as a result of some kind of “pop” or other incident.

If we talk about Zenur Abdurazakov from Simferopol, then it’s not the circumstances of his death near the village of Pavlovka in the Donetsk region in 2022 that are interesting, but his previous biography – Abdurkazakov was included in the “motorized rifle detachment” from the crew of the submarine of the “1st brigade”, based to Novorossiysk and occupied Sevastopol. This once again clearly speaks of the aggressor’s deep “personnel” hunger as of the summer – 2022.

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