As follows from photographs and videos posted on social networks, during the demolition of the buildings of the “Rodnichok” boarding house on Polupanova Street in the occupied Yevpatoria, the invaders, among other things, destroy a monumental mosaic panel by Yuri Belkin and Georgy Bondar. Local residents report that a fake “Russian” clone of the boarding house, “registered” to Dmitry Zhulanov from Novosibirsk with “director” Igor Pitukhin from the Murmansk region, is demolishing the buildings of the boarding house to develop its territory with apartment buildings for criminal Russian colonialists.

Let us note that in the Ukrainian register, before the occupation, “Pension Rodnichok” LLC was registered with the Cyprus offshore company “I.I.S. Corporation (Cyprus) Limited”. Yuri Belkin worked in Yevpatoria in the 70s of the last century and was the ideological inspirer of the creation of the city art school, the author of a dozen unique mosaic panels that went far beyond the “canons of socialist realism”. The fact that the occupiers are pointedly silent about the destruction of this panel “Hutsul Dance”, performed in the traditional Ukrainian style, is not surprising; however, earlier the occupiers destroyed other panels of Belkin, namely in the building of the mud baths and in the “Almazny” boarding house, then the local “press” noted attempts at “indignation” in the style of a “revolt on the knees”.

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