Criminal collaborator Volodymyr Saldo said on March 16 that the aggressor allegedly “made a decision to use the main gas pipeline in reverse mode, through which gas used to come from the Kherson region to the Crimea” and that now, allegedly, “gas will go through it from Crimea to the Kherson region” and “the missing section of the gas pipeline is being completed”.

In fact, this means that the aggressor plans to illegally produce gas at the Arabat Spit, at the capacities of the Strelkove gas field of “Chernomorneftegaz” seized illegally by Russian occupiers in 2022.

These production facilities in 2014 were disconnected from the existing gas pipeline connecting them through Sivash with the then occupied AR of Crimea, where underground gas storage facilities were located for gas accumulation.

Saldo’s nonsense that “the Henichesk agglomeration requires more and more gas, because the construction of a new city on the Arabat Spit has begun” is obvious – no “energy-intensive enterprises” have been launched by the aggressor in the occupied part of the Kherson region, and the population, due to forced migration from the occupiers in any possible direction, is constantly declining, and therefore consumption also falls.

Therefore, any “new gas pipelines” from the aggressor, or, most likely, the criminal launch of the existing ones by him, means in fact the strengthening of the illegal exploitation by the aggressor of the gas fields on the Arabat Spit and Sea of Azov, which, of course, should be reflected in a comprehensive law enforcement response and in international initiatives on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, as part of the calculation of the damage caused and the identification of the perpetrators.

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