As it was previously mentioned, the past large-scale earthquake in Turkey gave rise to a wave of “Crimean” aggressor’s propaganda, associated primarily with the denial of the very possibility of such a cataclysm in the Crimea.

The stream of consciousness from the Crimean seismologists, who denied the obvious – the seismic hazard of the region, which survived a lot of earthquakes, was discussed by the population with undisguised sarcasm.

The next stage, after “denial”, was “bargaining”: the invaders’ propaganda began to declare that the situation was supposedly “under control” and all shocks would be “identified in advance”.

However, life gave a prompt response to this stage as well, after in March earthquakes, although not very significant, but not predicted by anyone in advance, took place on Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

This led to the fact that on March 7, Russian propagnada announced that “Putin ordered the development of a set of measures for conducting permanent seismic monitoring in seismically hazardous territories,” which directly implies that the aggressor does not have such in the current conditions, including the occupied Crimea.

In this report, it is also noteworthy that the relevant mechanisms will be created, with the obvious “lack of federal funds” at the expense of “state corporations and organizations involved in the search and extraction of minerals and industrial fishing”, which may still be relevant for the raw materials regions of Russia itself, but not applicable to the occupied peninsula.

Under such conditions, the Crimean residents can only “sincerely believe” the obviously fake statements of the aggressor that supposedly “all new buildings” in Crimea were built “as seismically protected as possible”, although even without an earthquake, the facts of their scattering before our eyes were repeatedly noted.

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