On March 15, the Russian invaders’ propaganda the published a “report on a visit” by the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov to his own private “gymnasium-school-garden” “Consol”, where this collaborator “led an open lesson”, traditionally talking about the allegedly “prevented” by him nine years ago in the Crimea “civil war”.

Konstantinov also criminally boasted of “military training courses” opened at the institution, to which “60 people, including preschoolers” were attracted; at the same time, a video of a young girl from the “Consol” dismantling a machine gun has already bypassed many world media in a day as an obvious symptom of the aggressor’s criminal militarization of the peninsula.

However, the whole criminal militaristic pathos of Konstantinov and his “Console” is shattered by banal facts.

And it’s not even that Simferopol residents still remember the attempted scam of 2020, when the criminal “speaker” wanted to “sell a private school” at a very “immodest price” to the criminal “city administration”, but then the “deal of the century” fell through due to the banal absence “funds in the budget”.

The parents of “students at the Consol” themselves call the institution a “second-tier school”, designed for a situation where Crimean children did not manage to enter less miserable aggressor-controlled “schools”.

They note that teachers “from Konstantinov” “can easily afford to call names or insult a student in a lesson, in front of the whole class, for them to call a completely smart child a stupid mediocrity or worse,” and point to cases when, due to such specifics, including “a constant yell from the teacher” and “rulers on which elementary school children are told … about the terrorists who seized a school in Beslan”, “people … took children away from school”.

It is also worth noting that the permanent “directress” of “Consol”, collaborator Larisa Georgiadi, is being promoted by the aggressor not only in the field of criminal militarization of children, but also for criminal “external consumption”, as the fake “secretary of the national-cultural autonomy of the Greeks” “Tavrida”.

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