Since December 2022, Russian aggressor began to “advertise” its another “volunteer unit” of– the “Española” squad, formed from Russian football fans of various clubs with extreme right and Nazi views. Among the “sponsors” of “Española” are the contractor of “Gazprom” Ilya Khanin, the fan “money bag” Alexei Trifonov and the former sports journalist Andrei Malosolov, and Stanislav Orlov, with the “call sign” “Spaniard” (“Ispanets” ) is the “commander” of that criminal structure.

The other day, this criminal structure announced “a new recruitment to its military unit on a contract basis” and “the appearance of its own training base – a training ground on the Black Sea”; and there is evidences of criminal recruitment by “Española” in the occupied Crimea.

Unlike a number of “volunteer units” existing in the “tik-tok troops” mode, the structures of the terrorist “Española” suffer recorded losses – it was reported that Vladimir Solodovnikov, a Nazi and a football fan with the call sign “Crazy”, was killed on March 15 near Ugledar.

Also, a Russian football figure and a former player of “CSKA” and “Lokomotiv” Andrei Solomatin, who once made a football career in Ukraine, was seen in “Española”.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist Solomatin recently spoke out publicly against the entry of Russia into the Asian Football Confederation, stating that allegedly “UEFA recently conducted a survey on the return of Russian clubs to European competitions and the national team to international tournaments”, but at the same time he “warmly welcomed” the expected 23 and 26 March “friendly matches” of the national teams of Russia and Iran.

The example of “Española” says that the aggressor is ready to use the “football factor” more widely as part of the cover for his criminal activities, and regarding the previous criminal speculations with the “Crimean football”, the occupied peninsula will clearly not be remained “out of the way” by those terroristic structures.

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