As we have already noted, the events of the rebellion of the terrorist group “Wagner” obviously took the invaders’ criminal “authorities” by surprise. All the invaders’ “official statements” were made by them after the “morning speech” of the Kremlin dictator.

Moreover, if the criminal Sergei Aksyonov limited himself to three words on social networks, then the fake “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov at lunch announced some “illegal actions on the part of those who had lost political and life orientations and objectively began to work for the enemy”.

Toward evening, the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev called on the rebels to lay down their arms, directly mentioning, unlike Aksyonov and Konstantinov, the terrorist “Wagner” and “the Sevastopol residents who are in the ranks” of this group.

The rest of the criminal “officials” gave even more “colorless formulations”, also making “soothing” statements that there would supposedly be “no interruptions” in food, fuel and gas supply on the occupied peninsula.

However, in this part of the statements, the inhabitants of the region have already become accustomed to the fact that in the event of their proclamation, as well as after the statements about the “conducted prayers”, nothing good should be expected.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Crimea well appreciated the total panic on June 24 among the “middle managers” of the occupiers, and their lack of any “organized actions to get out of the situation”, and the absence of any public statements by the “Crimean authorities” at least until mid-Sunday, June 25 after the “change of orientation” announced by the Kremlin the night before on the “Wagnerian” rebellion, which, it “turns out”, “didn’t exist”.

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